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Know Your Baker

Neighbourhood bakers play a hugely positive role in their communities. One that goes far beyond basic nourishment. Their stories deserve to be heard.

The Rise Up! Podcast is a celebration of bakers, the bakeries they create and the people they serve.

Join Mark Dyck as he talks with bakers and bakery owners from across North America and around the world. Hear about their struggles and triumphs and learn about the satisfaction that feeding a community can provide.

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Mar 15, 2023

Fry's Bakery has been a stalwart of Craigflower Road in Victoria for a decade, a shining as an example of how a baker with an old mixer and a brick oven can feed a neighbourhood.

In this episode, Mark and Byron sit down at the bakery (well, directly above it) to talk about how the world needs a bakery in every...

Mar 1, 2023

All it took was a well made hollandaise sauce for Daniel Saez to switch from life as a lawyer to a life in food.  Starting as a culinary chef in his native Venezuela, Daniel eventually made his way to Canada and shifted from culinary to pastry and finally to bread.  Now his bakery, Noctua Bread Project in the...

Feb 1, 2023

Haley Landa and Curtis Helm met in pastry school and have been steadily building their skills and experiences in hotels and restaurants in Canada and beyond.  All this work has culminated in opening Goodside Pastry House in Victoria last month, opening to huge lineups and extremely happy customers.

In this episode, Mark...

Jan 18, 2023

David Aplin was a rock guitarist who apprenticed as a baker at Loblaws.  Camelia Proulx was building a career in the food industry front-of-house.  Together, they spent the past 12 years rocking the baking world in Scarborough, Ontario at their bakery Cliffside Hearth.

In this episode, Mark, David and Camelia sit down...

Jan 11, 2023

Anna Gordon started selling her amazing cookies at the Brooklyn Flea in 2010 and has since created a delicious destination bakery in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.  

In this episode, we kick off 2023 with a vibrant conversation about Anna's love of creating layers of flavours and textures, visualizing the perfect day of a...