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Know Your Baker

Neighbourhood bakers play a hugely positive role in their communities. One that goes far beyond basic nourishment. Their stories deserve to be heard.

The Rise Up! Podcast is a celebration of bakers, the bakeries they create and the people they serve.

Join Mark Dyck as he talks with bakers and bakery owners from across North America and around the world. Hear about their struggles and triumphs and learn about the satisfaction that feeding a community can provide.

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Jul 26, 2023

With the cost of living continuing to rise, bakers and other food service workers are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet.  The Living Wage for Families Campaign is focused on identifying the real costs of living in Canadian cities and works with businesses to move toward paying employees a real living wage.

In this episode, Mark talks with Anastasia French of the BC arm of Living Wage for Families about the rise in the living wage standard over the past year across the province, the particular challenges within the food service industry, and how her organization can help bakery owners implement living wage strategies at their bakery.

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