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Know Your Baker

Neighbourhood bakers play a hugely positive role in their communities. One that goes far beyond basic nourishment. Their stories deserve to be heard.

The Rise Up! Podcast is a celebration of bakers, the bakeries they create and the people they serve.

Join Mark Dyck as he talks with bakers and bakery owners from across North America and around the world. Hear about their struggles and triumphs and learn about the satisfaction that feeding a community can provide.

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What's Rise Up! for?

A wise man once taught me that before starting something, I needed to be clear on what it's for. It'll make things much easier for you to figure out.

Well, after years of being a baker and a bakery owner, I realized that I have met a lot of very interesting people. People who work hard, often all night, for not much money and very little fame. Even bakery customers don't often think of their bakers until they retire or close their shops.

Bakers are also people who play a hugely positive role in their communities. One that goes way beyond basic nourishment.

They have incredibly interesting stories to tell and to share, but unless they've published a cookbook and you enjoy reading the sidebars of cookbooks, you'll never hear their stories.

Their stories deserve to be heard. The Rise Up! Podcast is here to share their stories with you.

Bakers are also very funny. Bakery humour should be recognized as an official comedic style.

Who's it for?

Rise Up! is for more than bakers and bakery owners (although if you're a baker, you're going to love it.)

If you think there's nothing more romantic than a Parisienne patisserie, or your corner bread shop, you're in the right place.

If you're a small business owner, or dream of being one, you're in for a treat.

Gluten intolerant? Vegan? Paleo? Hey, in the end we're all people, right? Come give us a listen.

It's also for me, if I'm honest. The podcast is a way for me to dig deeper with people I admire and learn more about them than I'd get from a book jacket or a 5 minute TV clip. And to share that with you.

How to Listen

You can listen right here on the website. You can subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Soundcloud, Stitcher, or where ever you get your podcasts.

About Mark

I can't remember a time when I wasn't thinking about baking. Maybe I just have a bad memory. But I think about baking a lot. Mostly bread or things with yeast. But I love a good lemon tart as much as anyone. Or a chocolate bombe. Mmm...chocolate...

Where was I? Right! I loved baking bread so much that I went out to San Francisco to really learn about it and at one point even quit my job to open my own bakery with my wife Cindy.

We opened, we flourished, we connected with our community and we worked really, really hard. No harder than anyone you'll hear on Rise Up!, but trust me, we worked hard. It was awesome and exhausting all in one.

Throughout this entire experience, I kept meeting bakers and touring bakeries. I'm one of those people who takes off for a winter holiday and stays up all night working a bakery shift for kicks. It's so much fun!

Through my travels and time with The Bread Baker's Guild of America I met all these amazing people who nobody really knows about.

It's time to get to know them better.


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