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Know Your Baker

Neighbourhood bakers play a hugely positive role in their communities. One that goes far beyond basic nourishment. Their stories deserve to be heard.

The Rise Up! Podcast is a celebration of bakers, the bakeries they create and the people they serve.

Join Mark Dyck as he talks with bakers and bakery owners from across North America and around the world. Hear about their struggles and triumphs and learn about the satisfaction that feeding a community can provide.

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Dec 8, 2021

When Joshua Bellamy decided to become a baker, he went for it, moving to Vermont to learn and apprentice. Then he moved back to his hometown of Raleigh, NC and eventually opened Boulted Bread with his partners Fulton and Sam.

In this episode, Mark learns about Joshua's teachers and mentors, opening and growing Boulted...

Nov 24, 2021

Sara Calkins loves baking and loves her team. She's worked all over Seven Stars Bakery in Providence, starting as a barista before moving to the bench, the stone mill and now to spreadsheets and coaching as Bakery Manager.

In this episode, Mark and Sara talk about team building, keeping things fun during the holidays,...

Nov 17, 2021

A summer work exchange in France changed the direction of Kyle Greer's life.  After experiencing the cycle of farming, milling and baking first hand, he moved back to Quincy, California to build his own farm and bakery, and to build the unique AstriĆ© style mill that he used in France.

In this episode, Mark learns about...

Nov 3, 2021

From the moment Larry Harris learned that Canada was getting their own version of the Bake Off / Baking Show, he wanted to be a contestant. And once he was on the show, he knew he wanted to have his own artisan bakery.

In this episode, Mark delves into Larry's Great Canadian Baking Show experience, baking every single...

Oct 27, 2021

Sarah Black is an OG of the New York baking scene. She's one of the first bakers at Tom Cat Bakery and was later a teacher alongside Amy Scherber, before moving home to Ohio to teach and write the excellent book "One Dough, Ten Breads" (one of Mark's favourites.)

In this episode, Mark and Sarah talk about the glory days...